the kucinski family

July 22, 2018

I cannot believe how much these beautiful babes have grown over the last year. It feels like just yesterday we were in the studio taking Elliot’s newborn photos. I had the best evening with the Kucinski family earlier this month_I3A9039_I3A9048_I3A9061_I3A9063_I3A9067_I3A9075_I3A9095_I3A9104_I3A9127_I3A9129_I3A9137_I3A9152_I3A9155_I3A9162_I3A9180_I3A9187_I3A9205_I3A9209_I3A9226_I3A9228_I3A9240_I3A9261_I3A9297_I3A9302_I3A9343_I3A9345_I3A9368_I3A9383_I3A9417_I3A9422_I3A9439_I3A9458_I3A9468_I3A9517_I3A9535. Here are a few of my favorites..


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