the gray family

July 10, 2018

Have you ever seen such a gorgeous family?! It was such a pleasure meeting all five of these amazing people. In every newborn session I include b&w and color images but I am just loving the simplicity of the black and white. Here are some of my favorite with the gray family._I3A2045-2_I3A2063-2_I3A2077-2_I3A2082-2_I3A2157-2_I3A2346-2_I3A2376-2_I3A2430-2_I3A2451-2_I3A2509-2_I3A2569-2_I3A2584-2_I3A2615-2_I3A2636-2_I3A2647-2_I3A2653-2_I3A2656-2_I3A2663-2_I3A2666-2_I3A2674-2_I3A2681-2_I3A2684-2_I3A2718-2_I3A2719-2_I3A2727-2_I3A2732-2_I3A2733-2_I3A2755-2_I3A2756-2

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