My best friend Courtney and Eric welcomed the most amazing little man into the world yesterday. He is so chunky and so perfect. I see so much of his mom and dad in him and it makes me love him even more. I can’t believe he is here!

Luca Ralph Massa you are so loved.LUCA - FRESH 48-01LUCA - FRESH 48-02LUCA - FRESH 48-03LUCA - FRESH 48-04LUCA - FRESH 48-05LUCA - FRESH 48-06LUCA - FRESH 48-07LUCA - FRESH 48-08LUCA - FRESH 48-10LUCA - FRESH 48-11LUCA - FRESH 48-12LUCA - FRESH 48-09LUCA - FRESH 48-14LUCA - FRESH 48-15LUCA - FRESH 48-16LUCA - FRESH 48-17LUCA - FRESH 48-18LUCA - FRESH 48-19LUCA - FRESH 48-20LUCA - FRESH 48-21LUCA - FRESH 48-23LUCA - FRESH 48-25LUCA - FRESH 48-27LUCA - FRESH 48-28LUCA - FRESH 48-29LUCA - FRESH 48-30LUCA - FRESH 48-31LUCA - FRESH 48-32LUCA - FRESH 48-33LUCA - FRESH 48-34

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