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October 1, 2018

_I3A8588_I3A8590_I3A8597_I3A8602_I3A8619_I3A8621_I3A8627_I3A8647_I3A8655_I3A8665_I3A8668_I3A8709_I3A8736_I3A8744_I3A8749_I3A8772_I3A8790_I3A8801_I3A9161_I3A9167_I3A8811_I3A8828_I3A8843_I3A8861_I3A8910_I3A8927_I3A8940_I3A8954_I3A8977_I3A8991_I3A9014_I3A9020_I3A9026_I3A9039_I3A9063_I3A9068_I3A9081_I3A9089_I3A9098_I3A9106My heart, this session really hits all the emotions for me. I love being invited into someones home to document milestones. This gorgeous couple is about to welcome a baby girl in the world and I could not be happier for them. I love that they will have these memories in their home forever. Here are a few of my favorite from our session together..


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