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“What do we wear?”

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When the years pass and memories get blurry, you’ll grab this photo album and reminisce about the amazing life you’ve had together.

Everything you need to know

01. Colors

Favorite Stores

I always recommend neutral or natural earthy tones. I love the way these colors go with the way I edit photos along with the esthetic of my studio.

I love layering basic neutrals. Beiges, tans, browns, white, and black!




old navy


Simple Folk

rylee & cru

free people


02. feel good. look good.


If the weather might be chilly. buy your kiddo a matching coat and leave the tags on to return if it isn’t needed!

Wear something comfortable - if you feel uncomfortable then you'll probably look uncomfortable. Next think about the weather. Cold kids usually mean unhappy kids and nobody wants that!

For the studio newborn sessions I always recommend older siblings and mom to be barefoot. Dad’s often wear a neutral sock.

03. stay true to you


Coordinate! Don’t Match.

Avoid logos except for casual Detroit sessions when it is part of the style! Avoid athletic sneakers. If you choose to wear sneakers I recommend more of a “lifestyle” sneaker. Avoid matching. DO coordinate!

i give this advice but also want you to stay true to you and your family!

let’s play dress up

I have a huge collection of ladies clothing in the studio!

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