The experience matters

as much as the end result

The Prep




happy baby vibes

sleepy baby vibes

NEw parent vibes

Sessions last 1-2 hours. Babies tend to eat more while being moved and worked with. Bring extra bottles, or plan to nurse

a little more. If you are nursing please avoid caffeine prior to your session and avoid spicy foods for 48 hours.

Interact with baby for an hour or two before their session. While we don't want to force baby to stay awake, the sleepier they are during their session the better! Bring baby dressed in an easy to remove outfit. Nothing that goes over the head. This will help keep them calm from the beginning.

Plan to feed baby before you leave the house! Feeding a little extra helps ensure a sleepy baby.


It takes much longer to get out of the house with a newborn. Please allow yourself addition time to avoid being stressed and/or late. Once you arrive at the studio we will pick a dress for momma if she chooses and pick outfits for baby. Once family photos are done parents can relax and enjoy!

Thank you

for sharing this beautiful

journey with me

205c S Main Street

Rochester, Michigan 48307

Street parking is located all around the studio. Allow yourself additional time to find a spot. Studio Em & Lu is located directly on Main Street directly next to Bakehouse 46.


How many days after birth should your session take place?

What if my baby doesn’t sleep?

I recommend between 5-21 days as long as everyone is home and healthy! If baby has a long nicu stay or momma is still recovering we can always just our time frame!

Do not worry! We work with awake babes all the time. We will still get gorgeous images to document your new bundle of joy.