Prepare for your


I strive to capture organic memories you can

hold onto forever.

To Do:

sleepy baby vibes

Sessions flow easiest when baby is sleeping. To encourage this, I recommend giving baby a bath and allow them to kick around unwrapped before the session.

What if your baby does not sleep? Do not worry! I work with awake babies all the time!


avoid a hangry babe

A well fed baby is a happy baby! Please feed and burp baby right before our session. I often recommend feeding a little more than normal since we will be moving baby around a lot and a fuller stomach helps baby to be content.


photo ready home

No need to clean like crazy, but just try and make sure the clutter has found its way to a closet in your master bedroom and nursery. I love capturing your new family snuggling up on the bed together! Clear nightstands and counters of clutter or distracting elements. Baby's

nursery is a great place for pictures as well!



Is my house the right fit for a in home session?

What should we wear?

I often have clients worried their home isn’t decorated enough. I always ensure them that you do not need a home that looks like its out of a magazine. I want to capture your style and the place you brought your baby home for the first time.

I do recommend homes have good natural light. We will always make it work but if you are unsure we chat!

Keep it simple. Neutrals are great! Throw in earth tones if you'd like, but skip the busy patterns. Steer clear of logos and patterns! Compliment each other but do not match. I want you to be comfortable when sitting or standing. I will provide outfits and wrap for baby!