Jessica Snow

I’m a full-time lifestyle and portrait photographer currently based out of Rochester, Michigan.

10 Fun Facts

1. I am a mom to one incredible little girl.
2. I hate capital letters. You will notice on my Facebook and Instagram I'm usually typing in all lower case letters (weird, I know).
3. I love to travel.
4. I am married to the weirdest and most amazing man.
5. Frankfort, Michigan is my happy place.
6. I live less than a mile from my parents and couldn't imagine living any further from them.
7. I love to eat but who doesn't.
8. The Oxford Tap is another happy place of mine.
9. I am absolutely obsessed with taking photos (with my camera or my phone).
10. I am also a hair stylist. I work at Bocci Salon.

God creates them, I capture them.
-jamie anderson
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